Deer Management Hunting Program

2019 Hunting Program for Deer Management at

Otto and Magdalene Ackermann Nature Preserve


The Westmoreland Land Trust has established a program for archery and flintlock muzzleloader antlerless hunting at the Otto and Magdalene Ackermann Nature Preserve, for deer management to support protection of native flora.

Those interested may apply by completing and submitting an online application form, or by mailing a completed paper application.

For 2019 there will be three hunting seasons.  Hunters will be selected separately for each season, by random drawing, and notified of the disposition of their application.

Season                             Application Deadline           Permit Notification

#1  09/21/18 to 11/29/19            08/30/19                        By 09/09/19

#2  11/30/19 to 12/14/19            11/01/19                        By 11/08/19

#3  12/26/19 to 01/25/20            12/06/19                        By 12/13/19


When visiting the Ackermann Preserve, please minimize disturbance of native vegetation, and call the Westmoreland Land Trust at 724 325-3031 or email to report any non-permitted hunting.