Geocache Policy

  1. Placement of geocaches on lands owned by the Westmoreland Land Trust (WLT) requires authorization of the Stewardship Committee of the Board of Directors. This authorization will be considered through a review process, which begins with the receipt of the completed Request to Place a Geocache Form.       This review process may also include a Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory search (PNDI), which insures its location is compatible with management activities as well as a site visit by a member or designee of the committee.


  1. WLT reserves the right to request the removal of a geochache at anytime.


  1. A geocache contact person responsible for necessary upkeep of the site must be identified prior to approval.


  1. There should be no earth disturbance or vegetative impact to any approved site, nor should the cache be readily discernable by the general public.


  1. Cache(s) shall not be placed in a plastic (PVC) pipe.


  1. Cache name must be clearly visible on the exterior of all geocache containers.


  1. A cache may remain at the approved site for no more than three years without reauthorization, at which time it must be removed, the site restored to its original condition, and the WLT informed in writing of the removal. This will control cache abandonment and assist in preventing renegade trail development to the site.


  1. Unauthorized geocaches on WLT lands will be removed and treated as abandoned property, and the responsible person may be cited for littering.


  1. Responsible party shall delete site location(s) from all publications and/or website(s) within seven days of removal.

 Amended 10/21/11

Note: Geocache site location is subject to review by the Westmoreland Land Trust.

For information on requesting placement of a geocache on Westmoreland Land Trust properties, see Geocache Permission Process.  To apply, see Request to Place a Geocache.

This document was modified from an original version provided by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.