Public Policy for a Nonprofit Organization

Every two years, the Westmoreland Land Trust will survey the members of its Board to develop a list of suggested public policy priorities for the upcoming year. Based on this input and input from the Westmoreland Land Trust’s Board, issues will be decided and ranked in order of importance. The priorities serve to establish the public policy framework which must be approved by the Board.

All advocacy activities for that two-year period should fall under the current priority issues.

In circumstances where immediate public policy attention is required, the Chair of the Board may make decisions on behalf of the Board on specific bills and issues.

In absence of such survey, it shall be assumed that the Board will adhere to those public policy priorities already in effect.

Only the Board Chair may speak on behalf of Westmoreland Land Trust or take action on local, state, or federal public policy issues unless the Chair delegates another person to speak or a majority of the Board votes to allow another Board member to do so.

Westmoreland Land Trust is a nonprofit organization. As such, the Westmoreland Land Trust does not support or oppose candidates for public office or political parties and only acts on issues related to the organization’s mission and its current public policy framework.


Adopted by the Westmoreland Land Trust Board of Directors on September 24, 2008.



The mission of the Westmoreland Land Trust is to conserve and steward lands and waters of Westmoreland County that harbor ecological, scenic or recreational qualities to offer a healthier and more sustainable future for all.