Westmoreland County 2018 Outdoor Amateur Instagram Photo Contest

The deadline for entries for the 2018 Westmoreland County Outdoor Amateur Instagram Photo Contest is past.  Good luck to all the contestants!

Rules and Guidelines

Sponsored by:
Westmoreland County Parks, the Westmoreland Heritage Trail Chapter,
and the Westmoreland Land Trust
(Instagram: @WCOutdoorPhotoContest)

1. Photo contest is open to all Amateur Photographers (meaning someone who does not engage in photography as their sole profession) in the following categories:

People and Pets
Wildlife and Nature
Scenic Beauty

2. Photographs must be taken in a Westmoreland County Park or Trail, or Westmoreland Land Trust Nature Preserve.

Twin Lakes, Cedar Creek, Mammoth, Northmoreland, Bridgeport Dam, Chestnut Ridge, Otto and Magdalene Ackermann Nature Preserve, Ann Rudd Saxman Nature Park, Historic Hanna’s Town, Loyalhanna Gorge Recreation Area, Sewickley Creek Wetlands, Coal and Coke Trail, Five Star Trail, Little Crabtree Creek Trail, Westmoreland Section of Great Allegheny Passage, or Westmoreland Heritage Trail

Any photographs taken in other local parks are not eligible.

3. Photographs can be taken in any season. Please refrain from submitting collages and composite images. Image manipulation shall be limited to cropping and minor color and contrast adjustments. Use of watermarks is prohibited.

4. Photos will be judged for impact, creativity, image quality, and whether their park, trail, or nature preserve is readily recognizable.

5. All photos must be submitted through Instagram via the hashtags:

Use #WCPC18peoplepets for People and Pets
Use #WCPC18nature for Wildlife and Nature
Use #WCPC18scenic for Scenic Beauty.

You may submit a maximum of three (3) images. The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2018 at midnight.

6. The Applicant will retain the rights to their photos. By participating in this contest, the Applicant agrees to share those rights with Westmoreland County and the sponsoring organizations (the sponsoring organizations are Westmoreland County Parks, the Westmoreland Heritage Trail Chapter, and the Westmoreland Land Trust) and let them share the photos royalty-free. The photographer will be credited wherever reasonably possible. By submitting an image, the Applicant also acknowledges that any persons appearing in the submitted image have given the Applicant and the sponsoring organizations consent for reproduction and promotional use.