Westmoreland Land Trust’s Latest Acquisition:

A 22-acre parcel that connects

Duff and Pleasant Valley Parks

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Westmoreland Land Trust Adds 75 Acres To Duff Park, Murrysville

October 3, 2014

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How a community uses its land affects everyone who lives and visits there.

Citizens throughout Westmoreland County have stated that their number one priority is to retain the predominant rural character of our region.*

The Westmoreland Land Trust was formed in late 2007 to help accomplish this desire.

The independent, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization has the unique ability preserve a wide variety of types of land, such as:

  • land that offers scenic vistas,
  • tracts that help to create larger greenway corridors through the county,
  • land that has ecological, historical or cultural value, and
  • sensitive areas that are under pressure for development.

Preserving open space benefits our community in many ways by:

  • increasing nearby property values,
  • protecting natural systems,
  • promoting healthy lifestyles, and
  • attracting tourism.

*Citizen input on the direction of the county was obtained in a series of public meetings, and incorporated in the guidance document now being followed, the Westmoreland County Comprehensive Plan.