Nature Education

A brochure describes WLT’s educational opportunities for young people, families, and adults balance experience-based learning with enjoyment of nature.  Programs include:

  • In-school STEM workshops*
  • Nature-based workshops for libraries, after-school programs, scout groups, and summer camps
  • Family-friendly programs to engage learners of all ages and inspire enjoyment of nature.

You are invited to become a Westmoreland Nature Explorer!  Westmoreland County holds beautiful fields and forests, abundant waterways, and the scenic foothills and pristine western ridges of the Allegheny Mountains.

Westmoreland Nature BackpackMany parks and nature preserves await your exploration, and you can also find much to discover right in your own backyard!  To help you explore, you can check out a Westmoreland Nature Backpack, now available throughout the Westmoreland Library Network.  The backpacks include high quality tools, materials, and guides.

Another excellent resource is the book Natural Areas in and around Westmoreland County, edited by Dick Byers and published by the Westmoreland Bird and Nature Club.  TheWestmoreland Land Trust has donated a copy of the book to each member library of the Westmoreland Library Network, and WLT also offers sale of the book at cost ($40).

*Businesses may apply for generous PA tax credits to support WLT STEM workshops for Westmoreland County public schools under the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.