Westmoreland Rambles

Enjoy a Westmoreland Ramble for a scenic drive in Westmoreland County!  At a minimum, a driver and a navigator are required for a Ramble.  Drive safely, and observe all traffic rules.

The 2023 Westmoreland Ramble follows the route of the historic Forbes Road from Historic Hanna’s Town to Fort Ligonier.  Duration 53 minutes, length 23.5 miles.

The 2022 Westmoreland Ramble is a scenic driving route through Murrysville, Export, and Delmont.  Duration 50 minutes, Length 18.2 miles

Westmoreland Rambles are meant for your enjoyment, and are not meant to be comprehensive.  Corrections, refinements, and updates are always welcomed and valued.

WLT invites you to help develop a future Westmoreland Ramble for a scenic drive through your own Westmoreland County community.  Please contact us!