Banner Name Suggestions for the Carl A. Schwarz Memorial Park

The future nature/art park to be established at the Schwarz property in Hempfield Township will be formally known as the Carl A. Schwarz Memorial Park, and the WLT invites suggestions for a short banner name for the park. The one or two word banner name should reflect the property’s beauty, conservation value, or Westmoreland County heritage.


Banner Name suggestions for the future park
(please note that there may be a delay in posting suggestions)

Alena 96

Allegheny Art-a-Rama Cascade Park

Angela’s Park

Art in the Park

Artists’ Greatest Land

Arts Park Woods

Artsy Parksy

Baur Farm Park

Beech Hills, Beech Hills Park

Beech Hill Valley / Beech Hill Ridge / Beech Ridge

Beech Vista Park

Bella Vista

Birdie’s Park, Birdie’s Farm, Birdie’s Paradise, Birdie’s Dream, Birdie’s Meadows (Roberta Schwarz’s nickname was Birdie – not sure of spelling), Birdie’s Sculpture Garden


Birtie’s Nest (Roberta Schwarz’s nickname was Birtie – not sure of spelling), Berta’s Farm, Bertie’s Beech, Bertie’s Range, Bertie City Park, Bertie’s Community Park

Breathe Park

Bronte Park

Carl A. Schwarz Memorial Park

Carl’s Bloom, Carl-Birtie Art Park, CaBSz Breeze Artz Park

CASMINA (Carl A. Schwarz Memorial Innovation, Nature and Art Park)

Chestnut Ridge Acres Park

Chestnut Ridge Farms Park

Country Hills

Country Roads and Nature’s Artistry Park

Crystal Spring/Crystal Springs Farm (for spring in valley behind barn)

Echo Heights / The Echo / Echo Valley Heights / Echo Ridge


Eternity Park

The Farm at Beech Hills

Farm to Fun

Farm to Park

Farmstead Park

Forest Acres

Freedom Park / Freedom Park for the American People

Harmony Meadows

Hashure Park

Heritage Hills

Heritage Park

Hickory Hollow / Hickory Hollows

High Art Park

Hills and Hollows


Hillsong Park

Hilltop Acres

Homestead Park

Hope Hills

Isola Bella Park

Laurel Art Expanse

Laurel Park West

Laurel Vista Park

Laurel Westmoreland Park

Marmoset Park

Me Time Park

Meadow Heights

Meadow Park


Misty Meadows

Moreland Art Park

Moreland West

Mountain Top Park

Mountain View, Mountain View Park

Nature’s Acres

Nature’s Canvas

Oakford Park Art and Nature Reserve

Paradise Park

Paradiso Park

Perch Point Park

Redbud Park

Ridge Farm Park

Ridgeview Park

Roberta’s Heirloom

Rolling Meadows

Scenery Acres

Schwarz Farm

Schwarz Hills

Schwarz Hollow Park

Schwarz Overlook

Schwarz Park

Schwarz Shadlands

Schwarz Woods

Serenity Hills

Serendipity Park (serendipity: “the occurance and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”)

Serenity Now

Serenity Westmoreland


Skyview Park

Spring Beauty Acres

Spring Meadows

Sunnyside Acres

The Art Farm


The Neighborhood

The Ridges Park

The Trust Art & Nature Park

Thought Park

Tranquility Schwarz

Vista Westmoreland I or Westmoreland Vista I

Westmoreland Art & Nature Park

Westmoreland Artpark, Westmoreland Art Park

Westmoreland Biron Park

Westmoreland Farms Park

Westmoreland Laurels Park

Westmoreland Meadows

Westmoreland Range

Westmoreland Refuge

Westmoreland Wings

Westmoreland’s Glory

Zephyr Hills / Zephyrhills


Please send your suggestions to [email protected] or Westmoreland Land Trust / 218 Donohoe Road / Greensburg, PA 15601.

Also, please email [email protected] or write Westmoreland Land Trust / 218 Donohoe Road / Greensburg PA 15601 if you would like to be placed on a mailing list for the future park.