Bellbrook is the Civil War-era guesthouse on the property of the St. XavierNature Preserve.  This dwelling was not damaged by the catastrophic fire in 1972 that destroyed the other buildings of St. Xavier Academy and Convent.  However, during the winter of 2021/2, before WLT’s acquisition of St. Xavier, Bellbrook’s interior suffered extensive water damage. Upon acquiring the property, WLT made use of an insurance settlement passed through by the Sisters of Mercy to undertake rehabilitation of the structure.  WLT worked on rehab of Bellbrook during 2022 and 2023, completing this work just in time for a September 9, 2023 Open House.

WLT Board Member Kim Miller generously coordinated the rehab, even personally assembling new kitchen cabinets.  Westmoreland Photographer Society member Bob DeJesus kindly visited Bellbrook throughout the repairs and provided WLT with a photographic record of the rehabilitation.