Seek PA Tax Credits

There are two ways that PA tax credits can be pursued for support to WLT:

1) WLT is a designated Educational Improvement Organization under the PA Education Incentive Tax Credit (EITC) program.  Businesses (including pass-through entities such as S-corporations, partnerships, and LLCs) may apply to significantly reduce their PA tax burden to support WLT nature-based educational workshops under this program.  Application is simple, but because of demand for these credits it is important to apply on the first day of the application period.  From the EITC website:

Businesses authorized to do business in Pennsylvania who are subject to one or more of the following taxes:

    • Personal Income Tax
    • Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax
    • Corporate Net Income Tax
    • Bank Shares Tax
    • Title Insurance & Trust Company Shares Tax
    • Insurance Premium Tax (excluding unauthorized, domestic/foreign marine)
    • Mutual Thrift Tax
    • Malt Beverage Tax
    • Surplus Lines Tax

Tax credits equal to 75 percent of its contribution up to a maximum of $750,000 per taxable year. Can be increased to 90 percent of the contribution, if business agrees to provide same amount for two consecutive tax years.

If a business is awarded tax credits, those credits can be solidified or “earned” by contribution to WLT as an EITC Educational Improvement Organization.  WLT uses this funding to provide nature-oriented workshops free of charge to participating Westmoreland County public schools.

2) WLT projects may provide opportunities for businesses to seek PA tax credits for contributions to the project(s) under the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Neighborhood Assistance Program.

Please call or email to inquire about current possibilities.