Request to Place a Geocache

Westmoreland Land Trust (WLT) lands are open to the public free of charge. WLT promotes the use of its property for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. In general, common sense is the best guide to the use of WLT lands. Consideration for resident plants and animals, and human visitors, should always be practiced. Recreational activities, such as hunting and hiking, are done at the participant’s own risk. Your request for a “Request to Place a Geocache Form”, and your use thereof, is your acknowledgment that you agree to use WLT property at your own risk and to hold WLT harmless from any liability or damages arising out of your use of the property.


Please note that you cannot place the geocache until you complete and submit this form and receive written approval from the Trust.


1.  RESPONSIBLE PARTY’S contact information:






City & State:


Telephone: (home)       (work)


E-mail address:


The RESPONSIBLE PARTY desires to place a geocache at the following location(s)




2.  TYPE OF CACHE: traditional multi-cache


CACHE NAME (required):


CACHE LOCATION: (use the final site if multi-cache):






CACHE CONTAINER DESCRIPTION: (size, color, container description):




Note: Geocache site location approval is subject to review by Westmoreland Land Trust.


This document was modified from an original version provided by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, September 2011.