Sexual Harassment Policy

Westmoreland Land Trust is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. Westmoreland Land Trust will not tolerate actions, words, jokes, comments or other activity based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnic background, age, religion, or other legally protected characteristic if such conduct would be offensive to a reasonable person. Furthermore, any unwelcome sexual conduct, either overt or subtle is prohibited.

If an employee, board member, or committee member believes he or she has been subjected to harassment, the person should promptly report the incident to the Chair of the Board. If that is not possible, it should be reported to the Vice Chairman. Thereafter, a confidential investigation will be conducted.

In all cases, Westmoreland Land Trust will take prompt action. They will advice the others members of the Board of the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, any employee or member found to have engaged in harassment of another person will be subject to appropriate action including immediate termination.

Adopted by the Westmoreland Land Trust Board of Directors on September 24, 2008.


The mission of the Westmoreland Land Trust is to conserve and steward lands and waters of Westmoreland County that harbor ecological, scenic or recreational qualities to offer a healthier and more sustainable future for all.