Let’s Explore! Earthworm Wonders

Did you know that ….

Your backyard is a fascinating place to explore!  The French scientist Jean-Henri Fabre knew this, and spent much of his life studying and writing about the insects in his back yard.

Another famous scientist, Charles Darwin, spent 39 years studying earthworms.

There can be over a million earthworms in one acre of land!  How many do you think there are in your backyard?

An earthworm has no arms, legs, or eyes.

Gardeners and farmers love worms because they loosen, mix, and fertilize the soil.

Worms can eat their weight every day.

Many birds eat worms, including the American robin and American woodcock.


Let’s Explore

In your backyard, find a place where grass or plants grow well and the soil is not too wet and not too dry.  Ask your parents whether you may dig for an earthworm.

Gently dig until you see an earthworm, then gently remove your worm. It is important to keep your earthworm moist and in the shade because if an earthworm dries out it will die. Place your earthworm on a moist plate or lid, take its photo, and observe its earthworm anatomy. After a few minutes, gently return your earthworm to its spot and gently replace the soil.


Have fun with an earthworm word search.  After you look for the hidden words, check the key to see if there are any that you missed.


Be an earthworm real estate agent!